• Denise Cameron

Why Selling In Winter Has It's Advantages...


It’s a common question that comes around this time every year. Is it the right time to put your property on the market during the winter months in Sydney? One of the most persistent notions is that selling in spring will achieve the best possible result. It makes sense, Gardens are in full bloom, sunshine all day round mean spring is when many houses are seen to their best advantage.

Yet the cold, hard truth reveals that selling in spring is no more advantageous than selling in winter, and in a catch-22, ignoring the spring selling season and selling in winter may have its own advantages for you. Dr Wilson (domain group) says “It’s an untrue reading of the market that prices are lower in winter. In other words, any prima facie evidence of better prices in spring is undermined by the fact properties at the higher end of the market tend to honour the traditional peak selling season.“It really is the energy of the decision-making process,”

“The decision to sell is generally made over the Christmas holidays or the mid-year break, and there’s a three-to-four-month time frame between deciding to sell and actually selling. The July hiatus in which nothing much happens is generally because of the end of the year or beginning of the year market focus.”The winter property market has in the past been as dormant as the landscape, but in 2017 & now 2018 it’s seeing sellers increasingly keen to use the season to their advantage, and we could not agree more.

Denise says “With Less property on the market, yet the same amount of people looking to purchase bring with it the opportunity for owners to take advantage of more buyers on their home and less competition of properties on the market”. Our advice to owners is, if you are ready to sell then there is no real reason in waiting for spring, some of our best records prices for our vendors have been made during June and July each year for the past 5 years by getting a jump start on the competition of the spring market for our clients".

"My other suggestion would be if you not quite ready at least have your agent take photos during this time of your home, and do what we call a “soft launch” of the home across their database. Many of our sales are made this way which will also give you (worse case) the advantage to get the feedback on price or a possible off market offer on your home prior to heading into a full marketing campaign in Spring meaning its a win/ win for you" Denise says.

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