• Denise Cameron

Why it's important now more than ever to have an agent that can help with the buying process..

Head back 5 years ago and if you mentioned a property listing to a client that was "off market" the response was it must be over priced, not in a good area or was a seller that was just not serious about selling. Fast forward to 2020 and we are now more than ever in a market where "off market sales" are happening everywhere across the eastern suburbs and are now the new normal in Real Estate, but how do you find these properties and keep your head in the loop on the market with quote prices changing on a weekly basis for property on the market and with listings not heading to the market at all?

Firstly just looking online on the major portals is no longer going to fully facilitate seeing every property on the market. The reality is you are missing out on some amazing opportunities that just simply are not advertised at all. The question is how do you go about finding these homes and keep up with current on the market stock without being bombarded by agents sending you homes that either don't match what you are looking for or being put on a list where you are contacted continually regarding real estate information your never signed up for?

Denise Says, I hear this time and time again from clients getting frustrated with being sent irrelevant information during the buying process.

Some words of advice from Denise of what you need to know if you are currently looking to purchase a home in today's market to avoid these things happening to you.

Denise Says "Find an agent that is genuinely committed to finding you the right home to buy and have a process around how they will help you. Ask them what are your processes around helping me find the right home?

How will you be sending weekly information to me? and how are they making it relevant to you?

If they can't come up with answers to these simple questions then I would question whether you would want to be added to their database, and you have every right not to be added.

If they are selling in the area you are looking in, have an office and or team in that area and can provide you with factual information for that area of choice, then you know you have found the agent that's going to help you and provide not only off market listings to you but also information on the properties that are on market whether with them or someone else. Now more than ever a "Great Agent" will help you do all of this and more.

Denise says,

"Moving forward in today’s market my team is committed to helping each and every person we deal with, we have an extensive process around buyers and how we can help them obtain their dream home. We provide individualised reports and property criteria for each person we deal with and send them extensive reports each week of not only our own property listings that match them, but also that of other agencies. We go to auctions on behalf of our clients to help them bid and provide reports on any particular property they may be looking at even if it’s not with our team."

When Denise was asked the question what's in it for you to provide all of that information to buyers? the answer was simple..

Denise said,

"If you are providing value to help your client whether they are buying or selling they won't see a reason to talk to anyone else. We pride ourselves on helping clients have the best experience they can within our industry, the focus for me has never been about what's in it for me, it's about providing an unmatched service with information that's relevant to the individual.

Gone are the days of being an agent that just lists property on the market and who is not committed to helping people. When you help people in my experience they don't forget that, we as a team go to great lengths and expense to have the processes we have around each and every client and that has proven to be valuable to each and every one of them".

To hear more about how we can help you with the buying process please feel free to contact either Denise 0410 444 125 or Gillian 0415152065.